1999 GMC JIMMY SUNROOF GLASS 15017851; 25917736

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1999 GMC Jimmy Sunroof Glass Panel. The sunroof is in very good used condition. Measurements are 32 3/8" long and 18 3/4" wide. ***This sunroof came standard on GMC Jimmy model year 1999 but please double check your measurements and compare to ours to ensure a perfect fit. This glass panel was removed from a 1999 Jimmy that had a blown engine so there is no unseen damage on this panel as is found with a majority of sunroof glass panels that are removed from wrecked vehicles. Often times on a wrecked vehicle, the metal trim around the glass, under the seal, will incur slight bends which will make the panel leak soon after. We have been dealing in sunroof glass panels for 20 years now and only sell the panels that come through our shop that are off of vehicles that have not been in major accidents. We also 100% inspect and clean the panels, especially the seals, AFTER they have been removed from the vehicle in an effort to identify any imperfections that may cause issues down the road. Seal issues cannot be identified until the sunroof has been removed from the vehicle. The sunroof comes read to bolt in. Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

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